Luz J. Herrera

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About the books

The events described occur in unrealistic places. Figment of the imagination of the author. However some of the places mentioned are similar to those found in the fabulous state of Oregon. They described spectacular landscapes worthy to admire and want to be them appear. The characters of Heaven and earth are good and bad angels and demons. The main protagonist are the brothers Sarah and Adriel. Alan and Hewett two genius brothers who play an important role and will help with everything. Cirrus is a major antagonist and who do not mind using a life for theris desires, and this Rosalba, how loves Alan, but his revange transform her.

"Life is cruel and monotonous, sometimes hard and tedious, every day began a struggle to survive, feed the soul, sometimes dying for lack of hope, but that is hopeful. According to us is never give up and so befor you start, you never stop fighting. "Excerpt form the heaven and earth"